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What is RoswellNEXT:
RoswellNEXT encourages open dialogue and local participation amongst young professionals, entrepreneurs and visionaries to influence the social, civic and economic heartbeat of Roswell.

Founded in 2012, RoswellNEXT has continued to enhance the quality of life for greater Roswell by:

  • Engaging all citizens to deliver fresh ideas and initiatives that inspire our city to move forward,
  • Embracing the spirit of creativity to ensure Roswell retains and attracts talented individuals, families and entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners,
  • Cultivating community by valuing authentic relationships between individuals, families and businesses,
  • Identifying the needs of those in the community and facilitating change to see those needs be met.
  • Economic Growth – Educating citizens and business owners on upcoming initiatives to spur growth.
  • Social Activities – We are passionate about building an incredible community among all demographics or residents and business owners.