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About Roswell NEXT

Leading The Charge Of Change

Encouraging local participation and open dialogue amongst young professionals, entrepreneurs and visionaries to influence the Social, Civic and Economic growth of Roswell by delivering fresh ideas and initiatives that enhance the value of our city.

We are passionate about building an incredible community and we don’t limit ourselves to one group or demographic.  We see a synergy of the energy that can be harnessed from young professionals, the grit and tenacity that drives our entrepreneurs and the ingenuity and creativity that true visionaries bring.

Roswell is rich with talent that should be encouraged not to be stagnate, but become more involved. Every day in Roswell, there is evidence that things are moving in the right direction. With the recently passed form based code and zoning, the creation of the downtown development agency coupled with the envy of the Region, Canton Street, Roswell has started an exciting transformation.

However, all too often, people who are interested and passionate feel they are left on the outside looking in. We aim to change that through our events, communications and campaigns.

Roswell NEXT hosts 12 monthly events alternating monthly between our What’s NEXT social and networking event and our Town Hall Roswell roundtable events.  In addition, this May NEXT will be launching Town Builder Breakfasts, an informal monthly breakfasts to network.

We encourage you to get involved in what Roswell is becoming, whether it be through Roswell NEXT or other means, the future of Roswell can only benefit from its residents taking the initiative, speaking out and educating themselves on the issues that effect all of us in our city.